Law Firm Website Solutions

Traditionally lawyers get business via referrals…but times are changing and there is a significant increase in people using search engines to look for legal services. And your website will most likely be visited prior to an in person meeting. Need we say more?

Website Design and Solutions for busy Lawyers and Law Firms

A Law Office Website should not only be functional and user friendly, but presentable and attractive with an engaging and responsive website design. Important fundamental features for a law office should include engaging content with clear navigation, unique features and plugins to reach and attract prospective clients and job prospects. An effective website for a Law Office will have features to compliment the business, innovative ways to educate and inspire and effective communication for users. An effective Legal Services Website should increase the site’s visibility on search engines and social media, hold a visitor’s attention, entice them to know more and provide interactive ways to communicate and offer services.

Law Firm / Lawyer Web Solutions

iToolPro knows a website is an extension of your business and that’s why we will design and create an award-winning broker website for your team and agents. We also provide many template options that are branded and integrated with your corporate website to strengthen your brand identity. Content and media will be syndicated across networks for particular pages like products, rates, news, etc.

Committed to Fantastic Customer Support for You and Your Agents

iToolPro is committed to fantastic customer support to ensure your website looks and works exactly how you want it. No technical experience? No problem! iToolPro provides a customized broker website that is easy to use, modify and maintain. Let us handle all technical infrastructure and cross-browser concerns so you can concentrate more on the look and feel of the site. Plus, we are pretty versatile and would be glad to work behind the scenes as a sub-contractor or as part of your team.