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Canadian Businesses Show Strong Commitment to Digital Technologies

Canadian business leaders understand the connection between digital business models and growth better than many of their global counterparts, but have yet to fully anchor their global digital strategy. A research report entitled “CEO Briefing 2014: Canada's Digital Innovation Imperative,” reveals that 51% of Canadian executives say their digital investments are focused primarily on driving [...]

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Heartbleed Major Security Vulnerability

As you may have heard, a major security vulnerability; dubbed "Heartbleed," was recently discovered in OpenSSL.  OpenSSL enables SSL and TLS encryption, which governs HTTPS—the secure communications between your computer and the servers on the Internet. It is used by about 2/3 of the web servers in the world. This vulnerability was the result of [...]

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“Life in the Cloud” – How Cloud Computing is the Way of the Future

Cloud Computing has been increasing in popularity in the past 10 years with more and more personal users and companies choosing to work in the cloud. Business apps have always been too expensive for small business and for mid-sized to large companies, it came with a large cost.  For example, if you implemented just one [...]

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Is Cell Phone Use in the Washroom Socially Acceptable?

If you’re like me, I talk and text in the bathroom; even public washrooms (get a few looks with this one)!  Even though many of us do it, no one really talks about it; so we will be the trailblazers on this topic. Maybe it’s one of those things not socially acceptable, because no one [...]

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My website’s been up few months, why am I not on page one in Google?

If you are a website owner, this is a question you may ask your website developer. As a website developer, I find many website owners are confused as to how SEO and Online marketing works. They are under the assumption that by launching a website, it will automatically move up the rankings in Google, when [...]

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Fresh Content is a must to Improve SEO and Visitor Retention

If you're website design is complete with images/media all your pages posted, optimized for search engines, you may think it's finished, but it’s only a beginning. To have a successful website, adding fresh content is a must. You need to ensure your content is interesting and relative to your service, cause or product(s). Why is [...]

By |2017-10-11T13:45:12+00:00January 13th, 2014|Categories: Internet Marketing, Mobile and Responsive Websites, New Technology, SEO, SEO News|2 Comments Press Release August, the all new rate comparison website is designed to save consumer’s time and money in an ever increasing competitive marketplace. The all new rate comparison website,, is now more relevant and instrumental than ever in an increasingly growing competitive Canadian Market. With, Canadian consumers will have access to the best rates in [...]

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